Buick Race Day 2014 is April 27, Norwalk, OH

I'm hoping! Might try to make the MWBC again, and for sure Bowling Green. I was really looking forward to this one, why don't more people go? It's been an event for a long time and is at a world class facility. Jim and Fred were also planning on going.
I don't currently race, but it sounds like we need a sign up list at least for a potential head count. There are at least 5 guys posting about TSM...I believe, so only a few needed. Lisa OConnor should have Sam's old car ready by then. She is having Cal tune it on Sat at the dyno.
The biggest problem with all these events is promotion.
The people who put them on don't get the word out soon enough, or in as many places as what is needed.
The guy who puts on the Lights Out race in Georgia this weekend is on social media daily promoting this event. There are threads on the racing sites. There are banners on the racing sites. Everybody in the outlaw community knows about it. They already know who all is coming.
You have to dig to find info on the Buick events.
I try to put the info out on the TSM facebook page, but I am only reaching 500 or so people at this point.
The GS Nationals has a facebook page and they do put some info out there.
I wouldn't want to commit on a list just in case something prevented me from making it. With an 8 car minimum field I could waste up to 7 peoples entire weekend.
I wouldn't want to commit on a list just in case something prevented me from making it. With an 8 car minimum field I could waste up to 7 peoples entire weekend.
That's an issue, but I was thinking there might be 9-10 thinking the same thing..."There's no way we're gonna get 8 cars!!!" If a list of interested racers were started...then you could have at least a rough head count. Commitment would need to be made with at least 2 weeks...or even a week. It's just a thought.
I was planning on going but we can be pretty sure there won't be an 8 car field in TSM so what's the point? I'm 750 miles away. I was also disappointed to see that the amusement park doesn't open till 2 weeks later. Was hoping to take the kid on sat.

That does stink. I was jazzed about the potential to hit a dyno, the track, and kick-butt roller coasters all in the same weekend.
If my cars running and plan on it running by then .I have everything to put the rearend together.I plan on going if there is a heads up race... if not may go up with one of the other cars been working on a 65 all winter and it may be ready
There is no way we would have an 8 car field, 6 maybe-but not 8. It's too bad because we were looking forward to it.
John we are going to have another race at Gateway this year. Would like to see you make it. June 28th.
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This sucks. Planned on going this year after a 2 year layoff. Don't know if its worth going to now.

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They should bend/change some rules so people will show up.....

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Those heads up classes would rather have 3 car fields then bend the rules.

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When the Friday track rental was eliminated, it put a hamper on this event. A one day race on a Sunday is not cost effective to attend from a racer from a distance.

I am approximately 8 hours away (500 mi). Between fuel (round trip) and hotel, it would cost me a minimum of $1,000 to attend. I would have no problem attending if Friday still had a track rental. I then could spend Saturday at Bushar's and/or Cedar Point. Race on Sunday and then drive home on Monday.

Last year, the Friday's T&T was combined into the track's Friday evening program....good luck with that because that is opening day and everyone is going to be there. I think last year it was over 1,000 cars T&Ting.

Billy T.