Buick Race this Sat. 9-2-23 1/4 mile track

Roy L.

Jan 18, 2005
Hope to see a few of you guys and gals out at Kuhnle Motorsports Park on September 2nd.
We will have one for sure but maybe 2 race classes for our Buicks. If we have enough, we will be running a Quick 8 and then a regular bracket class. Both will be on a sportsman tree and both classes will be 1/4 mile. Car can be either Buick bodied, or Buick powered. The track will also have their Box-No box classes if you're interested in running both. There will be test and tune lanes. The also have the UMTR stick shift racers there with us. Should be a great time. The track is looking forward to seeing how many Buicks we can get to show up and this will determine if next year will be a 2-day event with a private track rental one day for Buicks.

I would like to thank Vinnie Barbarino from Surfside Auto and Cody Gamble from Gambles Machine and Performance for coming on board and sponsoring.
Should be one heck of a show because I know there's other events going on at the same time. Looking forward to it and thank you all the sponsors!