Buick Regal interior fabric


Oct 16, 2022
For those with deep pockets needing fabric, I did just get off the phone with SMSautofabrics.com 503-2633535. They said they have the original interior fabrics in stock for many of the Buick Regals. The price for the 1987 dark red was $149/yard and 54" width. I haven't done business there so I can't recommend them, but they may have a solution for a fabric need.
SMS is always the pricy ones because they have most fabrics.

Highway Stars is an excellent vendor for us & has many of the Turbo & GN fabrics. They may not have the blues, reds, etc. I’ll use them before SMS.
I have purchased from both vendors. SandS is pricey but they have the correct fabric. I used it to patch in places as worn on my original 87. When we bought our 86 we purchased the premium/exclusive version from Highway Stars as it is an entire seat cover. We were happy with both purchases.
I purchased fabric from SMS back in 2002 for my 84GN seats and it was pricy then but nobody esle had OEM fabric.