Buick shirts


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May 28, 2001
I planning in having some shirts made need help on deciding on the logos on it. I was thinking on buick motorsports on the front left corner and the rear on the attach file..........


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The only bad part is the logo with the turbo 6 and on the bottom its says 1987 grandnational for you guiys with the T-Types or the Turbo T's. Any idas?
Hey Jackson,
I think we should all band together and finally start a formal Hawaii Turbo Buick club!! Then you could print the club name on the shirts for all members. We could set up once a month club meetings at the racetrack, etc., etc. Hows that sound to you all??
Great Idea Derek

The club idea sounds good to me. I vote Jackson- Club president.
Geoff- V.P. What else do we need?:cool:
as far as meeting places....you could also try elephant and castle down in pearl city....we hold our club (hawaii ford performance club) meeting there once a month usually the sunday of pro-gas to talk about next races, pples projects/problems, cruises and of course to kick back and tank a few....another club that holds their meetings there also is the aloha shelby mustang club...this way you dont have to always pay to attend your get togthers...

are yah guys also gonna make some club stickers?