Buick TR specialist


Lou's Automotive 949-378-1590
I keep hearing about the difficulty with finding a qualified Buick wrench in your area and would like to offer our services should anyone require it. Although I know the distance is an issue since we are located in So. Cal. I have over 50 years experience 28 of it with TR's former SS/DX record holder & TB.com supporter. I don't wish to compete with any local mechanics cause they need to eat also. My object with this post is to make members aware of our service. Regards Lou Czarnota ( Lou's Auto Service 949-378-1590 )
I just did it! If you want it done right, distance is not an issue. Just a lil haul down hwy 5. Lou is the best check it out!
Thanks Marcus, Sat. I worked on a TR from Oakland & got him straightened out also. His car was tied up for a year getting an engine installed. How he made it to my shop was a miracle, the motor job was OK but the installation & tune left a lot to be desired. take care Lou