Turbo Buick Specialist/Mechanic Partner Needed! Largo, FL


Mar 18, 2003
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Hello Everyone!

I own a beautiful shop in a killer location here in Largo, Florida. My vision and goal is to make my shop specialize in the repairing and selling of Turbo Regals, TTA’s, Syclones, Typhoons & etc. I would like to partner up with a Turbo Buick Specialist and/or specialists to repair and sell these vehicles from my location. I feel it’s much needed and it would be great to have a one stop shop for these vehicles on the west coast of Florida. I have a passion for these vehicles and would love to partner up with someone who is passionate for them as well and is either in Florida or would like to relocate to Florida for this platinum of an opportunity! Please contact me at anytime if serious and/or forward this to someone that you think would be. I thank you all in advance. Looking to change the rules here to have a reasonable, reliable, honest and friendly one stop shop designated for our beautiful Turbo vehicles!! Best Regards, Dennis (813) 431-1234



Aug 24, 2008
I own a car in Dunedin area . Currently restoring but looking for opportunity to learn - in other words my value would be truly apprentice type work effort; in other words not experienced but willing to learn and do the work. By your posting it sounds like your looking for a pro or experienced mechanic. Its all about passion which I to possess.
Do you own cars currently?
There is a gent I met here in Dunedin that is also in Largo and has a couple cars one of them is an 8 second car he built and travels to build these cars. you might be interested in speaking with him?
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