Built 3.8 for sale (Indy area)


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Mar 25, 2016
I have a well built 3.8 for sale. Engine has been disassembled for rebuild for a while now but the car has been sold so I will no longer need it. Here is the list of the parts I can remember off the top of my head and I will update with more once I go through everything again. A lot of the parts need a bit of cleaning still but everything is in good shape. I would like to sell it all as a whole if possible and I'm really not looking to ship. Open to offers but not ridiculous ones, this isn't my first go around with a turbo 6 and I know what everything is worth.

109 block- Block is in good shape, I believe .010 over but I will measure Again and update, cylinders are in good shape and could still run with the same pistons with slight honing. Block is o ringed and hasn't been run since fresh align hone with billet center main caps and ARP main studs and also will come with head studs. Block has been sitting about a year so will need some cleaning

Heads- champion cnc series cast iron, heads were disassembled and blasted clean so they will need a valve job, maybe some guide honing and reassembled. Cnc ports have also been hand blended and smoothed. Comes with stainless valves and springs which I do not know the specs of.

Intake- champion aluminum intake and upper with egr delete and power plate. Intake has a nice porting job and matches up to the heads very well. I also have a stainless throttle body with billet vacuum blocks as well as 44lb Delphi injectors with fuel rails.

Bottom end- Weber 4340 crank in great shape, JE forged pistons which are used and fairly scuffed on the skirts but they Mic out fine so I wouldn't hesitate to have them coated and run them. Stock rods which are in good condition and could be run again or replaced with aftermarket. Also will come with JE wrist pins.

Turbo - precision 62/62 which was recently rebuilt and rebalanced with zero miles but inhaled a piece of broken maf sensor on idle so it will need a new compressor wheel and rebalance but shaft play is still tight. I also have the headers and crossover, which are aftermarket but I forget what brand.

Misc- this engine comes with nearly everything to be complete minus some machine work, gaskets and some odds and ends parts like a cam and lifters set and push rods etc... front cover, oil pan, cam sensor, valve covers, shaft mount rockers, and ignition coils also included.
If you know what it’s all worth put a price up

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I see you joined almost 2 years...Why no posts till now??

Will probably need to post some pics...GLWS
I may end up just pricing it all separately. I'll also provide pics as I get them. And I haven't posted because I don't really cruise forums and I mainly use the Facebook pages but for the sake of trying to make a sale I figured I'd throw it on here too
I will get more pictures as I start digging everything out of it's storage again. Those are from the last time I had worked on any of it. Crank is also standard sized on mains and rod journals. Thanks
If you end up parting out are you going to ship any of it??

Is there anything in particular you're interested in? I was thinking if I do part it out I might try and keep some things together as far as top end and bottom end just to make it easier to sell but I guess I may be open to some changes there. Main thing I was worried about is shipping prices on the heavier parts
Don't be offended but

You have a well disassembled 3.8 Lol
Not built haha
Just messing around

But yes turbo Keith or right.
Every body puts pictures and a price for each.
It will save you time anyway instead of every one having to ask for price and a picture.
Might be interested in the entire engine (Block Crank Rods Pistons Heads intake) and I could meet you in say fortwayne to pay and pick up?
Give me a price