Jan 26, 2004
I finished putting everything back together after changing the timing chain, and when I tried to start it it wouldn't turn over and there was smoke coming out of the air filter along w/a burning smell.
What could have caused this???
More details needed....if you mean it will crank and not start maybe your timing is out...give more info...vinny
smoke out the intake

How did you line up the timing gears? How does it sound when you crank it? Kind of a high spinning sound? Low compression sound,perhaps? It doesn't sound good.....
Keeping it simple, did you re-attach the ground cable to the turbo bracket? I've forgotten that before, the car will barely crank and smoke will appear wherever the starter amperage is trying to find ground through.
I will check the ground cable, but I think I put it back in the right spot. It does crank, and sounds normal as well. I put the cam and timing chain in according to the directions I found through this website.
If it cranks ok you prob got the cable back in the right spot. Next I would ask if the cam sensor is timed properly.
Here is a picture of where I mounted the ground cable.

The first is the bolt in the center of the picture. Its mounted on the passenger side on the bottom bolt of the turbo bracket.

The second picture is just the close up. Its a hard place to get a good picture.


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I'd say you have it in the right place or at least close enough to it. Did you reset the cam sensor once everything was reassembled?
Hmmm......Lets see here. What exactly is it doing when you crank it. Can you verify that the injectors are delivering fuel and that you have spark? If we can determine what is missing we will know where to look next.
Aslo, Since you pulled the front cover did you align the crank sensor propery with the "windows" in the ring on the balancer?
When I try to start it, it acts like it wants to turn over, but won't. The alternator belt moves then hesitates as I try to start it.
There is fuel to the injectors and spark.
I aligned the crank sensor so the three metal fins (rings?) go through the first slot just like it was when I removed it. However, one of the balancer fins was bent and wasn't even going through the sensor.
I wonder if I screwed up somewhere when putting the chain on?
Ok, I was thinking that the engine was cranking normally but not firing. What is really happenig is that it is not turning over at all?
If that is the case and you're sure the battery isn't the problem, you can try pulling the plugs and turning the engine through a few revolutions by hand to see if something is mechanically binding inside or you have another problem. I'm just trying to keep you from going through the work of pulling the cover again if the problem is not there.
Yeah, that wouldn't be fun taking everything back apart again!!!
So what is the easiest way to turn the engine by hand?
Some guys have luck using the altenator nut and driving the crank through the belt, never worked too well for me. You can try grabbing the the IC fan by hand being careful not to break the blades off. Or just remove the fan and use a ratchet and socket on the crank nut.