**BUYER BEWARE** castper67 (I am the owner of Kirban Performance)

Silver Ghost

Apr 17, 2013
In March, I ordered a Buick Grand Nat'l Reproduction PVC VALVE GROMMET off of Ebay from casteper67. The description and photo of this grommet was identical to what appears on the Kirban Performance website. The grommet was delivered, but did not appear similar to the photo of it on Ebay. I attempted to install this, but the dimensions of the grommet were different than advertised and it would not fit. I notified castper67 that this "PCV grommet is not as described. The description of this product and its image is copied directly from the Kirban Peformance catalog which lists and sells this correct grommet for the Buick Grand National. The grommet I received from you does not look similar to the picture in your add. Also, the size of the grommet I received is different from the grommet you describe." castper67 then indicated that "he was the owner of Kirban Performance and will get you out the right one ASAP". Two weeks later castper67 was notified that I had not received the grommet, yet. He offered to check on the order. The grommet that castper67 promised to send to me ASAP was never received by me. So, a month later, I emailed castper67 that my review of this transaction would be forwarded to Ebay and Turbobuick.com. castper67 responded, "OK thank u". I guess the only thing more stupid than paying $16.83 for a simple grommet is to pay castper67 $16.83 for a grommet that you never receive. OK thank u. ...

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So the downhill spiral begins...

Silver Ghost, I bought one of those grommets years ago (but never used it) from Kirban back when his name was still one you could trust. PM me your address and I'll send it to you. For the hell of it I would even contact Dennis directly and let him know whats up, couldn't hurt. He spent many years building his brand, for it to go to shit so quickly is a shame but probably not completely unexpected considering who the new owner is...
626gn and Steve, thanks for the offer and advice and upholding fast with class. I acquired a grommet that works at Autozone for a couple of bucks. Honestly, I do not know who castper67 is nor do I know that this person is actually the owner of Kirban Performance, as castper67 claims. I have no interest in beating either a dead horse or a self-proclaimed stallion that is really a jackass. If others take note of castper67 to prevent themselves from being cheated on Ebay, it more than covers the cost of a grommet. Hey Steve, great runs at BG!
You should still call Dennis Kirban, he's an honest and upstanding guy. He stands behind his word. 215-766-1611

Unfortunately for both you and Dennis and many, many others, Paul Castlebuono is not much of stand up guy.
Did a bit of snooping:
  1. 1987 Buick GNX Wheels and Tires AUTHENTIC | eBay

    castper67 | Seller's other items. Sell one like this; Related sponsored items Feedback on our suggestions Feedback on our suggestions Feedback on our suggestions. Showing Slide 1 of 2 - Carousel. 1970 Dodge Charger Diecast Car Toys Action Figure Model 1/32 …
    • End date: May 19, 2021
    • Location: Brookfield, Illinois
    • Shipping: Free

    This guy best tread lightly or he'll end up like the other scammers.
    Currently, his name is not on the members list.
i said it before and I will say it again how does this Guy show his Face at Buick Events without running into problems when people see him.My Friend was at the GS Nationals and says Paul was there setup with a booth or Table selling Stuff.The amount of People he has Screwed over the many Years he’s been in this Game how has no one Confronted him when seen.I have never bought a thing from him but if he Stole Money from me and I saw him I would be up in his Ass.


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From the horse himself.i thought it was internet B.S but now you can read it for yourself.

Hopefully, someone who actually cares will eventually get them sorted out.............. After Paul has sold some fool a boatload of expensive parts that the new owner will never see the full potential from.

"Thanks to Paul and 10K of my hard earned money, my car runs 12's!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!!

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