Buying a fuel pump but from who?


May 16, 2012
I just purchased a grand national a few months ago. It was stock with 14,000 miles. I have since put a Tin man kit on it, test pipe, 160 thermostat, scan master, vdo boost gauge and Turbotweak chip is on its way in the mail. The one thing that I should have done first I have procrastinated on since there seems to be so much discussion on it. I'm buying a pump and Hotwire kit tomorrow from either Turbotweak , gbodyparts or Kdk performance out of Orlando(his is Reds XP). Any recommendations ? There seems to be a slight difference in price between the 3 but I'm mainly concerned with customer service,warranty etc.
The first two are site supporters and will take care of you.

Turbotweak says 24 month, Deatschwerks is supposedly 3 year, not sure about the Walbro.

Check into the opinions on whether you have to modify the return line when buying certain pumps.