buying a kirban's 3inch down pipe is it worth the upgrade


the guy i brought my exhaust from called me to ask if i want to buy his kirban 3 inch down pipe,he sold me a torque tech 3inch exhaust and 2 1/2 inch exhaust about
3 weeks ago,he couldnt find the down pipe at the time,
offered it to me for 100 bucks ,but he doesnt have the
clamp and porting instructions.i have allready installed the cat and is a list of mods iam going with,
walbro 340 pump with hot wire kit,adjustable regulator,
cold air intake i like tr customs,160 thermostat going to install that sunday,decided to make my own adjustable
waste gate,a tt chip,gni cat delete if i buy the down pipe
the down pipe and of coarse a scan master.
8UWITH6 did you port the stock elbow,i dont plan on competing on the track i am not going to do to many
engine mods this year,spending the bulk of my money
on new paint job and wheels,buy if i can make some games
for the price i would buy it for now,whats up with coys was thinking of getting the c5's.
Yes, it was a slightly ported stock elbow w/ stock puck, with a olddddd school 3" modern muscle downpipe. I will tell you that by going to a TH style downpipe, the car did pick up 2mph. Its just not as big of a restriction as some people think IMO. The modern muscle is on my daily driver now. I think I paid 150 bux for it 8 years ago?????? Id offer the dude 75 bux and put it on the car.................. otherwise, what are you running? A stocker?

Ill send you a PM link to the Coys fiasco (sp?):rolleyes:
yes the car has the stock down pipe,connected to 2 1/2
catco converter with torque tech 3 inch dual exhaust with
2chamber flomaster other than that car is a stock 19k mile
virgin,i did have a complete tune up first still had the factory plugs and wires,it runs a lot better with just the
exhaust change.going to order a tt chip as soon as i change the pump and regulator.
Post, in your signature, your car, and every mod done to it thus far. It will help us diagnose. Also, get a boost gauge and a scanmaster. They're essential.