Buying an 86 GN...

2 QK 4 U

Feb 14, 2003
1986 GN Hardtop, fully loaded, one owner, Texas car. 60,000 miles.....10,000 bucks. The car is in perfect condition.

Just from that bit of info Is this a good deal?

TIA, Jason
Sounds like a deal to me! Offer less, but go to 10K if you have to. IMHO it will be worth it, if it's as you describe.

My 86 is a one owner (me), in fairly good shape, loaded, 160,000+, and I wouldn't take a dime less than 10grand for it.

Besides, 86GN's far more rare than 87's ;)
only 5,512 made.
too much cash!!

thats too much to start out with offer less, youll need that extra cash for lil repairs.
I like the 86's because of the grille being chrome.
also the black pull straps. & less 86's made too :)

I just put the cover on mine for winter sleep today :(
The only use it will get is the TOYS hidden in the trunk for X-mas :)
Hey, hiding the toys in the trunk with the cover over it sounds like a great idea. Only I'll probably be driving it 99% of the time.....well, it would be easier to say I won't be in it 1% of the time. I really love these cars!