Buying tires...


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Jul 11, 2002
Need new tires for the wife's van and it has been a while. 2010 Grand Caravan SXT, 66k miles, hope to keep it at least another 60k.

Looking at these:|pc|60451&storeCode=ILC-30&productId=34326

Trying to decide if the "extended warrantee" is worth it or not. From the looks of it they cover anything (even nails, blow out, etc) for up to 3 years. $23.50 per tire for it, but when the tires are 171 ea....
Check evilbay Glen. Discount tire has it's own section there and you might make out better than local or on their site.;)
If you need tires, I recommend|5865|discount tire direct||S|e|17192369051&gclid=CJbVz6rSobUCFQixnQodG04AUg
They are better priced, offer free shipping, have excellent customer service and the road hazard warranty.

I have purchased several sets from these folks and have used their warranty a few times as well... Absolutely ZERO hassle. I simply called them and they over-nighted me a tire and either had me dispose of the bad tire or sent me a return postage sticker for the damaged tire....

I have never once had an issue with them... One time they even upgraded me on a set of tires for their cost!

I don't recommend many businesses but these guys have earned it!!!