Cadillac STS-V opinions


Aug 16, 2007
I have been looking at cars since I am getting rid of my truck. I was leaning toward either a jeep srt-8 or a used sts-V. I test drove a 2007 STS-V today a local dealer has for a good price.

I got lucky and no dealer rode with me on the test drive. I was very surprised with how well the car handled and the power was more than expected. the 469hp actually felt like 469hp.

I am 80% sure I am going to buy it, but my biggest concern is depenadbility since I plan to keep this car for a while. Does anyone have one or know much about them?

The Northstars were junk. Not sure if Cadillac has improved them. They are probably still junk. Trade it in before you hit 50k.
Not much size difference between an S and a C. I thought my wifes STS was a CTS! Go for the CTS....more power! Caddy is closing down the performance division though, so any of the V's may end up a collecter someday.