Call out to LA county and Orange County Buicks


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I'm trying to recruit some turbo Buicks to show up at a local Saturday morning cruise located in Huntington Beach. It happens every Saturday morning and is located in a shopping mall at the corners of Magnolia and Adams. Better get there EARLY EARLY EARLY if you want parking. Early as in 6:30 am!!! Yeah I know it sucks to get up that early on a Saturday, but trust me the show is well worth it. It is a great collection of cars with well over 100 musclecars in attendance last weekend.

Last weekend I got to meet local Long Beach Buick enthusiast wiked87GN on this message board. He brought out his super clean '87 GN and I also brought out my '87. We would love to recruit some of the other local TRs to join us. Feel free to email me if you're interested.
Is this at a Donut Shop? If so I have seen this on Speedvision. It looks pretty cool. Let me know when you guys are doing this and if I can swing it I'll be there for a couple of hours.

Hey Greg,

This show is in a mini mall complex. Like I said, it starts early and most people usually start taking off around 9 or 9:30 am. I'll email you and let you know when we are going for sure. Maybe next weekend? I'd love to see your car and check out your suspension setup. :)
You mean to tell me that there are only 3 or 4 Buick gn/ttype people out there in the greater Huntington Beach area who are interested in going to this show. I was there last Sat, and it was embarrassing to be the only Buick there. We need a better showing than that. I am going to be there this Sat. early morning to count Buicks, even if I have to ride my cbr1100xx if the t-type's down. Hope to see and meet a lot of gn/ttypes and their owners there. If u don't go, u can't snivel about it later.
Gary Wells
Ps: Magnolia & adams, Huntington Beach, 5:30 am. c-ya there
Looking for Buick gn-ttype's:
How many gn-ttypes are going to donut derelicts this Sat. morn., 23 Mar., 2002? Last week there were 4 there.
Gary Wells
Come on people. We've got 2 GNs and 1 T-type that are in for sure on Sat the 23rd. Come on out and enjoy the show!

Personally I don't look in the section much so I just found out about your plea.

I believe people will be torn between going to the dyno day this Sat or showing up at the car show.

Unfortunately I will have to pass on both events this weekend to get some maintenance done on my car and check up on my motor being build at the machine shop.

Please post the address so that I may attend in the future.
It's a bit of a ride from my house here in Thousand Oaks but I'm sure I can get another 3 or 4 more GN's to follow me up there along the way.

I'm talking to you guy's:
Mack Z.
Chris B.
Chris K.
Dave S.
Dave L.
Joe L.
Hey Freddie. Sounds good. It would be awesome to show up to the show with half a dozen (or more) turbo Buicks. :D :D I look forward to meeting you and some of the other local guys.

What's up ....something 'bout going down to Huntington Beach???? Just a couple of days after the Carson Nationals!!! What day and time are we talking about??

Mack Z
Originally posted by TRBON8R
Come on people. We've got 2 GNs and 1 T-type that are in for sure on Sat the 23rd. Come on out and enjoy the show!
Now we are up to Sat. morn. 30th Mar., Huntington Beach, corner of Magnolia & adams. We think that it would be fun to see how many gn/ttypes we can get there. Early show. Strip mall, generally fills by about 7. We have 2 gns & a beater ttype limited showing up at about 6:00 am. Don't be kicking the tires on the beater t-type, either, it's mine. We had 4 a couple of weeks ago lined up together & they all got a lot of attention.
see ya there
Gary Wells
However, this is an open show & all types of cars show up.
I'm a regular there as I live close by, and sometimes I'm the only Buick (turbo or otherwise) that shows up. Thanks for getting the numbers up! I was there last week with my '67 GS and I'll try to get there tomorrow.

Morgan: I'll be following Kevin (WIKED 87) down, and we should be arriving about 5:45 AM. Ben I don't think can make it. Hopefully, some of the valley gn/ttypes will be showing up,. However I haven't seen them posting recently. Where in the hell are all the gn/ttypes when ya need em?
See ya there.
Gary Wells
Hey guys, Let me know next time a bunch of you want to go again. I was one of the four cars that showed up a couple of weeks ago. I had a great time comparing tech Info. and watching people scratch their heads after looking under our hoods and hearing that these were some of the quickest cars in the lot. I'm thinking of going this Sat. (4/6/02) before the tech session at Lou's. Any one else up for it? Oh yea if you've never been there before, it's best to arrive before six a.m.:o to get a decent spot.

Unfortunately, TRBON8R, ( Ben Mooneyham ) and I ( '87 white t-type limited daily flogger ) will be at the Springfling Mopar show out in the valley, Woodley Park, Van Nuys this Sat., 6th April. It is held also on Sunday, but I have opted to go with some friends and we have deciceed that the best day would be Sat. I am sure that the dynotune showdown at Lou's will be a very worthwhile event and I would go if I could. Ben is generally at Donut Derelict's on Sat, and I will be at probably every one. Sorry to miss you this Sat. If you are into mopars and want info for Sun. give me a call or e-mail me at
Gary Wells
(310) 537-2614

You guys have fun at the Mopar deal. Guess I'll probably stay home from the donut shop this Sat. It'll give me a bit more time to detail the car (it could kinda use it) for Lou's tech session. I can't go next week (4/13/02) but what about another week?

Any one?

Na. I didn't have my car prepared for it. (Adj. waste gate on order . Should be in tomorrow :D). If I had known about the dyno I would have borrowed one. I hear that the dyno was a last minute thing. It was a pritty cool idea though. The guy who ownes and runs the moble dyno shows up at other local car events from time to time. I would like to give it a go some time. I've got his Bus. card and # if any one wants it. He was charging $60.00 for three pulls. With that you got a printout of HP, torque, and air fuel.How was the mopar show?
Donut Derelicts

Who all is going to Donut Derelicts, corner of magnolia & adams, Huntington Beach, tomorrow. April 20th, 200. I'll be there about 5:30. Looking for Buick GN/T-TYPES. Is there anything else.
Gary Wells
Spoonful: where are you?????