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Welcome! You will find that although you are in MA and I'm in NY, the Buick world can seem quite small here in the north east. Most of us know each other and see each other often. Shows, track events, cruises, BBQ's and so on. And we may have our differences from time to time, we still share our love for these hulking big bad-ass cars. Get to know us in your corner of the world. With these cars, your not going to get your info from a magazine or the tech help at Jeg's or Summit. We need each other.

I know this because I couldn't do it alone.

NY Twin Turbo, I don't think he's joining Buick world, just yet. He got a Camaro instead.
Another 16 inches today WTF!!!!! Longing for better days....


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Hmmm. Camaro. It's a nice looking car don't get me wrong. I wanted one until everyone had one.

As long as I don't see a clean TR being left outside or driven in that crazy snow I suppose I'll be ok. :eek:(We got 14" two weeks ago, they expect another 10" in the next few days) The Buick's are tucked away all cozy for the winter.

When you grow tired of blending in, come back and see us.

"Us and them" (I can't work the internet so just click below),d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNHWdTxVPHRdkv4Y1TyhqpSSUMduJw&ust=1425499349133731