cam lube


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Jun 12, 2001
im getting ready to install a sh$t load of stuff on my motor and i just recieved my 208/208 cam from ramchargers. it didnt come with any lube. what should i use and were do i get it . thanks :D
??? cam should have come with lube...any hi-perf auto parts should have some...
I would buy some cam lube with moly in it... I've had very good luck with cam break-ins with the moly lube...

When I first fired my fresh rebuild I had used the moly paste that came with my cam from the GSCA along with a bottle of GM Engine Oil Supplement.. I think of that stuff as extra insurance when breaking a new cam in.

Just my $.02
I used the redline lube. I like it pretty good. Look for it at a speed shop in your area.