Cam Position sensor drive gear # ?


Drive it like u stole it
May 25, 2001
Does anyone happen to know any replacement part numbers for the cam position sensor drive gear? I couldn't believe it when the auto parts store told me they had no listing for it. I even had them look for the 3.8 Dist drive gear. Go figure :confused:

Thanks in advance .......................
I dont think they ever sold the gear seperately, you had to buy the entire cam sensor/drive assembly. The part number for the gear on a NA motor is 1892082 and if you need it the drive is 25516915.

Eric Fisher
Thanks Eric. Do you know if the N/A gear is the same unit. I would assume it is but don't know for sure.
Its $139.99 something through Kirbans Performance new. Just call & ask for it, just got one for my T-Type.