cam selection???


Sep 15, 2005
im going to be buying my gn1s soon:biggrin: and need help picking the right cam. i want to go with a roller this is all going on a stock motor with 74000 miles.all input welcomed:rolleyes:
My vote for a driver car would be 212/212 kit from Mike. Personally if a driver car I would go ported irons. Oh yes they will fly. Your GN1's will however need some roller valve train. I think this cam makes a good all around. Not too big not too small and seems to really work good with ported heads or your GN1's. Hope this helps.
Mike at full throttle doess have it ina kit format. I purchased from comp one time and it was not as complete as I had expected. I will go to mike the next time as I should have the last time. Mike if you are reading you are more than welcome to give me a good tongue lashing I deserve it. Mike will make you very happy you delt with him. Oh and the customer support is great.