Cam sensor not sitting flush

1984 t-type

Murphy's Law
So I followed the instructions on caspers web site ( got my cap from them ) and installed my cam sensor. The led lights up but it seems to not be seated all the way, pulled it out a couple times and retried but it keeps stoping at the same point ( prob a little less than a quarter inch gap between base of cam sensor and cover) since this is my first turbo regal in not sure if this is how it fits or if I'm doing something wrong. I know that chevy distributors sit flush. Any opinions on this ?
The oring could be jamming up on the way down, or its not seating on the oil pump shaft. Did you lube the oring to make it easier to go in? It should be pushable by hand pretty much flush. It takes me a few tries to get the thing oriented right so as it slides down and rotates on the cam gear it lines up with the oil pump shaft. I stick a long screwdriver down to orient the oil pump shaft to try lining it up again.
I tried that with ny oil pump priming tool guess I'll try again. Should I use the holddown clamp to put a lil pressure on it ?
Could be a snug fit on the oil pump shaft, if it's almost there you could try to gently force it the rest of the way with the clamp since it means it is most likely seated correctly- be careful as there's a gear meshing and an oil pump shaft in play here.
Move the balancer a little left & a bit right a few times to help it line up. Put pressure on the tensioner & use alt bolt so the belt moves it. You should not have to force it other than with a real soft turn on the clamp but it usually takes me 3-4 tries & then it will just Pop right in.
Is this a GM cover or aftermarket? Some aftermarket dont line up as easy as the GM ones.
It's a fresh rebuild that the previous owner did so I'm not sure if it's aftermarket or stock. I'm going to take u guys advice and try again later today will post my results. Thanks for the help
i had the same problem. i have an aftermarket cover. took a few minutes to line it up, don't use the clamp to bring it flush. long flat screwdriver helps with turning the oil pump shaft.
Ok yesterday I bought a distributor hold down for a small block chevy from the auto parts store and it's to long dosent fit. So who sells the correct one for our cars or if anyone has an extra one laying around I will buy it.
Its just a bolt with a big washer. just glue a thick fender washer etc on the bolt & it will hold the sensor in place. I made one like that years ago when I lost mine. Takes a minute with some epoxy or glue, bolt & a washer. Thats it!
So do I cut the washer in half so it fits around the sensor. Epoxy ? Wouldn't think that would hold it, is the a brand u suggest