Camera/memory card question

Quiky One

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I noticed today that my memory card only shows I can take 250 pictures yet when I hit review on my camera none show up. I put it into my computer and about 75 pictures register. How do I delete these?

Thanks Jason
Depends on the camera, but you may be able to delete them right on the camera. Some cameras also came with internal memory cards, and thats what your using, so when you hit review that is where its looking, instead of the card. If I understand your question, 75 pics are on the card, and to delete them, put the card in and select all then hit the delete button, good bye pictures...hth
Nope doesnt work. No pictures show up. I dont use internal and there are no pictures there. This is why I'm stumped. the card locked? I don't know if that would do anything with it, or different sizes, megapixels, something? darned I'm totally lost now
Don't know if this is what's going on with yours but....

Sometimes my camera will decide to set up differnent folders for some reason. For example, the camera will create an "OLYMPUS100" folder ona new card. Once in a while, when I put the card in it will create an "OLYMPUS101" folder. Whatever was in the "OLYMPUS100" folder will no longer be visible on the camera but will show up when you put the card in the PC.

Some camera's have two copies of each picture, one is a .tif file and is a small thumbnails size picture, and the other is a Jpeg file that is the actual file used for printing and email.
My inlaw's camera couldn't see pictures on the memory card if the tif files were deleted. You might have the tif files on the memory card and now Jpeg. so the camera thinks there are pictures when you only have the thumbnail images (tif).

If you have a card reader you should be able to delete the tif images using windows explorer.

what type of camera is it? if it's a sony i could help, otherwise it's like they said you should be able to erase it while the card is in the camera.
plug the camera into the computer and don't go through the camera software. Use "My Computer" or Windows Explorer. Usually its drive F: go in there and it should show the files and photos on the camera/card.
Computer idea is good, but if you just want to delete them all (and everything else) you can go through the menus on the camera and just select it to format the card. It will wipe everything and create its new folder to hold the pics.