Can A Junior Member Use A Scanmaster?


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Sep 23, 2007
Before I Buy One I Just Wanted To Make Sure You Don't Have To A Rocket Scientist To Use It. Which Is The Best One For An '87 Gn.
There's nothing difficult about it at all.

To install it supply power and ground (power can be found from the IGN terminals in the fuse box above the driver's foot well) and then you run to the one white wire to the proper terminal of the ALDL connector.

To use it you just click one button to scroll through the data, the names of the data will be abbreviated and if you don't understand any of them when you look at it someone can explain further.
it doesnt take a rocket scientist to use it you just need to know what your looking at.
It will record the lowest o2 count and highest knock retard in degrees when the throttle goes over 3/4. This information will stay in the memory until the car is shut off or another run is made at over 3/4 which case the new info will take its place.