Can anyone circle?


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Can anyone circle the bolts that need to come out for a Tammy removal. I know there is 6. So after the first one I can take it from there. With the cover plate off it is confusing to me which one and I want to ensure I get the correct ones.


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You shouldn't be able to mess them up. Six that connect the trans to the block(three on DS, three on PS), & three that connect the converter to the flywheel(have to rotate & possibly block motor to get bolts out), & possibly 4 on the rear axle yoke. I take the driveshaft out as it makes it easier to move back & forth if needed. Driveshaft is light. Then you'll have to jostle to separate trans dowl pins from block.

There's also the bolts in the trans crossmember. One or two for the TV cable. Also if moving the trans, may be wise to unhook the cooler lines.