can't find a prior post


May 24, 2001
Bruce posted a tread...strengthening the trans......the tech version.
Does anyone see it i can't find it.
I located the subject but, when i go there it's just replies to his very detailed post.
That is wierd!

I was the first to reply to that post so now I'm credited as the Thread Starter. Wasn't me! :confused:
That is very weird....

If Bruce for some reason deleted his post(s), wouldnt that also delete the entire thread, since he was the originator??

I dont see how his post(s) could disapper without the whole thread being deleted?

Bruce If your reading this, please post your info again, I know it is a great value to many here and should be archived for future use....thanx!
OK first Bruce , in all his ignorance , did NOTHING!
Its Jasons fault.. LOL His pos computer crashed while reading the post. he swears that aint it but I was reading at the time it went Kaput! LOl
He says he didnt do it but...... Coincedence I dont think so.... LOL

So with his feeble attempt to reinsert....well as you can see failed....ROFL

Nice post you got going there Greg....heheheheh

I will work on him.... Man.... computer guys.....

if it were all so simple as a trans , I think I could fix it....:) LOLOLOL


He reposted it.............. Thanks BT
Man , its hard. Its like its..........ahhh.....glued to him.:)

Like withdrawls.....