Canton Accusump setup for Turbo Regal

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Mark Hueffman - Owner
May 25, 2001
Had this installed on my GN and it worked great. Holds two quarts of oil in reserve and can be used for priming the bearings before starting and would be great for those using their cars for autocrossing. I only took it off my car because I went to a front mount and didn't have room to mount it in the front of the car any more.

This has black oil cooler lines with black fittings, tee with check valve, the 2 quart Accusump, electronic valve and a couple of brackets to mount behind the front bumper. Will try to find pics of when it was installed on my car.

Only thing you will need to do is get a switch to control the electric valve. Since our cars have such low oil pressure at idle, what I would do is shut off the switch when the oil pressure was up at say 50 lbs to capture the pressure. Before starting the car the next time, hit the switch before you turn the key and you will see oil pressure on your gauge, then start the car.

$275 plus shipping, Paypal preferred NO HARDWARE INCLUDED


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More pics


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Worked really well but no room with the front mount and if it doesn't sell I will probably end up mounting it in the trunk instead of it gathering dust on the shelf. If you don't run oil cooler lines you can also get an adapter and run a line directly to the unit.