Car alarm recommendation

Viper 500ESP

Check it out

I would reccomend this model because of the features and reliablity and also the warranty. I normally sell it for $280 installed includes light flash, door locks, starter-kill and trunk protection, but i'll give it to you for $250. I forgot which car it was for, you mentioned it to me before. Call me if you want me to install it but you will have to bring it to my house, best will be on Sunday mornings. Cell is 216-4467.

But it you want to save some $$$ I got a bunch of Auto-page RF-305's for $180 installed with all the same options as the above. Its just as good.
How much for those 305's uninstalled? I need a new one for my truck, you have to hit the disarm button three times before it opens the doors. Any suggestions? Loose conections,antenna wire,or something?

I have not heard of that brand but i could probally fix your problem that you're having but i will have to look at it.