Car audio equipment for sale!


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May 28, 2001
(2) Kenwood 4007 CD (but no face): $20
Kenwood 5007 CD: $75
Alpine 7511 tape deck: $50
Orion 8" sub: $10
Soundstream granite 10" sub: $15
MTX terminator 10"sub: $15
Rockford RFP 1810 8ohm subs: $60/pair
Brand new DEI pro 6x9's high power w/silk dome tweeters: $150/pair
New Polk DB3000 tweeter with 2-way crossovers: $125/pair
New kenwood Exelon KFC xr500 5.25 coax: $100
(2) ADS 325is 5.25 mid-bass: $60/pair
Quart 130tx 5.25 midbass: $75/pair
Quart 4" midrange: $60/pair
Quart 19hx titianium tweeter: $60/pair
Alpine soft dome tweeters: $50/pair
Infinity tweeters: $40/pair
Brand new DEI paging unit w/2 pagers: $125
Alpine SEC-8028 alarm complete: $150
DEI 500ESP alarm complete: $75
Avital Hurricane alarm complete w/1 remote: $50
Auto-page RF-700 alarm complete w/2 LCD remote: $150
New Auto-page RF-305 alarm: $75
Alpine 8080 alarm system (no remote and siren): $150
Alpine 8070 alarm brains: $40

Pics available! Have a nice day! :D
You got any amps for sale? And why did you post it in this section? How much is shipping for say the pair of Rockford subs?
I was actually was only selling it to the guys in hawaii (cause don't have to worry about the shipping) But just wanted to see it the mainland are interested too, maybee the smaller items. If you are interested in the subs, it a warranty subs fom a customer, its now blown in, the surround is torn but can be easily glued, all of those model subs that rockford made had that problem so I did a few subs that I glued and had nevered came back! That why i'm selling it so CHEAP! I say about $20 for shipping for both. If you want it i'll cover for half the shipping.
And sorry no amps for right now! Except for the Jenson amp. I have (2) Rockford Power 1000's, Power 650 and a (2) Power 100.