Car Hauler,Fiberglass Hood, Injectors and lots of other parts. Can deliver to Nationals

Here are pics of the trailer. Right Now Kevin is 1st in line and is supposed to let me know later today if he wants it. Oh yea it has an LED light kit on it also.


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I was actually first in line, but I guess meeting me to buy it is out of the question?
Interested in the car hauler as well. I am near RC ship. Do you have clear title?

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Here is the info on the car hauler: It is exactly like this one basically except several years old. It does have new tires and a winch mounted on the front. I will take pics of the actual one tomorrow. It tows like a dream. Cruising at 75 MPH you forget you are even towing a car. I am located in South Carolina. Click here for trailer info:

Can you send pics of the trailer to
I am in Georgia, near Savannah and will be here for awhile.

Which driveshaft loop is left the round one or the other one??
Not sure which set you are asking about. Both are used and both are sold but I did find another set of 95s. They came out of my car. I will have them cleaned and flowed in a week or so by a buddy. If your interested in them let me know.