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May 14, 2010
Hello All. my stock 1987 gn has started to give me a little trouble lately. i brought it to a shop and had the rear main seal done because it was leaking oil and now i seem to have a much larger problem. all of a sudden the vehicle has a hard start sometimes it takes upwards of 8 or more key turns to start it. when it does start it has a very rough chug to it and puffs out black smoke. it is running very rich, then when i put it in drive it almost wont work at all. when i put my foot on the gas to move it just kind of dies out and makes a backfrireing sound. i had access to a scan tool and ran and i have no engine codes. my next step i put the car in limp home mode and it drove just fine. so far i have tryed replacing the cpu and the chip ( stock ) plugs and wires. i also checked the maf sensor and it dosnt seem to be that either. could it have something to do with the Cam sensor? or the timing? any input would be greatly appreciated as to where to go from here.
Perhaps an injector that is not sealing? Maybe remove the upper intake manifold so you might spot a leaky injector. Then have someone turn the key to the run position (to run the fuel pump) while you watch for a dripping injector?
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The symptoms point to the maf or ign. module. If you have the soft intake hose from the maf to the turbo, make sure it is on tight and not leaking as it will cause unmetered air and throw off the ecu. And don't forget to reset the ecu if do throw a code, after making any corrections.
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Pull the spark plugs. Are they all black? If so there is a global issue. If only 1 or 2 are black you might have hung injectors dumping fuel.

A scantool might help as well. ;)

Thanks all, i have a new ign. module that i could slap in and try over the weekend. i have checked the maf sensor a few times for a tight seal and no issues found.

also i changed the plugs last week and because it seemed at first like it may have been a plug or wire problem and none of them were black. but if the ign module dosnt work i will check the injectors.

but just for the record no one has heard of off timing or any thing tricky with a cam sensor doing any of these problems? i will check timing but dont have access to a timing gun for a few days to do so.

thanks again for all your input!! all the help is great and just helps that much more to come at this from differet angles
. i have checked the maf sensor a few times for a tight seal and no issues found.
The only way you can verify you have a good MAF is to replace it with a known good one. Just because it passes the "tap" test and has no obvious leaks doesn't mean it is good.