car poppin any ideas

Feb 23, 2002
I just want to know if anyone could give some ideas on my car problems i went to the track today car been poppin slightly on the big end of the track cant figure out why turn fuel pressure up, but I still have poppin has the night got cooler the worst it become any ideas . I believe the 02s where at 790s fp at 45. Anyone have any ideas let me know .

Hey another thing I just thought of i run the car uncapped the car pop the whole time at the track well i cap up and started home i stop on the way home on a long straight and nail it car didnt pop or sputter a smooth run through the pipes. well any way that it

Do you have access to a coil pack to try?Also check the plug gap,At higher boost levels the cars like a smaller gap most people run em' at 32
Thanxs james ,but wouldnt the car do this on thelow end has well if it was one of those. Iwill ck. it out though though any other suggestions .

I have the same thing happen only when i have the dump open , i think that it is normal though cause i dont feel anything is wrong with the car, it is because we are running open exhaust everything happens faster , that is the only reason i can think of everything else on my car is working perfectly so i know it cant be my coil. if it was you should be experiencing the same problems either with it open or closed i only get when it is open. but what the hell do i know :D
Cars have a mind of there own sometimes,I've seen alot of cars do things above 20psi that you never see below 20
Any weakness between the ignition and the tip of the spark plug could cause your symptoms: Ignition? Coil? Wires? Plugs?

A failing MAF could give similar symptoms too.

Sometimes I'm embarrassed that my problems end up being the most basic items. Spent $200 on a miss at idle in my SLS. They scoped it and replaced the plugs. It ran fine for a while, then it was right back to missing. I checked the plug wires and found two wires with no current flow whatever (complete breaks in the wire filiments inside). New wires fixed it.

Do you have any parts to change out and see if it makes any difference?

Good Luck :)
Pop on the high end

Hi Southern,
You already have some very good suggestions regarding your problem, and I would verify fuel delivery, just to get it out of the way. What is the o2 sensor voltage when you are having this problem?
If fuel is ok, then we must consider ignition to be the culprit. When you uncork the exhaust, you flow more air, and hence demand more spark. A Good module, coilpak and wires and plugs are essential. I'm stating the obvious, but a lot of MY troubles have been due to overlooked items. Rule of thumb: Murphy rules!
Hope this helps...
Both times for me was the coil pack. Car drove fine until boost went north of 15. Last time, the coil pack tested ok via the OHM test, but popped once the weather cooled and boost hit 19 or so.