Car Trivia Question

I was gonna say the turbo 3.1 pontiac grand prix. Buddy had a black pontiac 91 non turbo like it in highschool and we couldn't find a wrecked turbo one to retrofit onto his 150hp 3.4 grand prix.
Ok, I'm bored. Here's an easy test of your car knowledge. Maybe Dennis will chime in.

I owned this car. Like the Grand National, it was also a late 80's, 6 cylinder, turbo, 2-door, with GNX-mesh-style wheels and another GM partnership with ASC Mclaren.

First to guess correctly gets my respect OR a cookie but not both. Lol.

Good luck.

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That would be the elusive Pontiac Grand Prix Turbo powered by the 3.1L V6. Always wanted one.