Car won't start

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May 27, 2001
I went out today and started my car up, I then realized that I had forgotten something so I ran back inside. When I came back out my car was no longer running. Now it won't start. It will turn over but it seems like it won't fire. Any ideas. Could it be flooded. I waited about a half an hour and tried to start it with the accelerator pedal to the floor...nothing.

Is it getting fuel? If the plugs are wet then check the spark. If no fuel look at the fuel pump. If no spark start checking the coil pack. Also see if there are any fuses or relays gone (fuel pump, etc)
The usual culprit is the crank sensor. I had one go out on me driving down the road. I got a new one for about $20 and presto....fired right up.
Oh BTW, whats up with the 15.2 quarter? either you have some serious traction problems or the car isnt running too good in the first place
I have a fuel pressure gauge on the fuel rail and it says that it has pressure. I can also hear the fuel pump running. How do I check the coil pack. Is there any way to see if it is the crank sensor. ...any other signs. The 15.2 in the quarter was a run I did with Direct Scan, so its not exact. I was running about 10-12 pounds of boost, and the straight away was slightly up hill. I get beat by mustangs all the time, so I figure it runs around 15 ?.

Try unplugging the ECM wire by the battery (Orange Wire)bout 10 seconds,Could be a Brain Fart.

Seen it happen B4.

Hope this helps

Maybe you can borrow a known good coil pack/ignition control module setup from a friend. It will only take 10 minutes to exchange and this can eliminate a lot of problems. A bad MAF sensor can really mess up the cars fueling and possibly cause a no start. Maybe you can borrow a known good MAF from that same friend.

By the way, 15.4 is about what a stock car will run with zero boost off the line, 91 octane, and a lot of knock retard. Descent gas could knock over 1/2 second off your times and sticky tires another 1/2 second with no other changes.
I just placed a concise 'no-start' guide on my Web site. It's adapted from the factory diagnostic tree and is just what you need right now. Click here.

Good Luck! :)
Okay...since I am in College and I don't have a garage around I had one of the local GM dealers tow my car away and try to fix it. They looked at it and told me that it started right up. I went and got it and drove it down the road and stopped to get some gas. It never started back up. I called them back and they sent some mechanics over with a spark plug tester and said that there was no spark. Do you guys think that this could be my coil pack or my crank sensor.

SAME PROBLEM HERE, TURNED OUT TO BE A DIRTY CRANK SENSOR UNPLUGED CLEAN THE CONNECTION AND IT WAS GOOD TO GO. I HAD A LEAKY OIL PAN mechanic called me back and told me that I needed a new Ignition Module. What is that, is it the ECM. He said it would run me about 300 dollars.

Originally posted by 5.0 THIS mechanic called me back and told me that I needed a new Ignition Module. What is that, is it the ECM. He said it would run me about 300 dollars.


Could be the ignition module (it's the bottom half of the coil pack). But $300 !!! :eek:

You can get it a lot cheaper from many of the T/R vendors.
I called my mechanic back and he said that it was around $220. Is the Accel Super Coil pack any good. My mechanic said that I would probaly need to replace the coil pack soon.

It sounds like the module...that is the way they often act. When a module is going, it often puts additional strain on the coil pack.

A good discount price for a module is around 160$. If the $220 is total including labor..that is not a bad price. The coil is less than a hundred could skip the coil and buy one from Red Regal, off ebay, or from a discount dealer and swap it yourself and save some money.
If I remember correctly, I replaced the coil and module when my car wouldn't start. I think they cost a total of $200-225 together. Only takes about ten minutes to replace both of them. Just remove the plug in connector and the 3 bolts that hold the module down and the two should come off together.