HELP!! I bought new carpet for my 85 t-type from trim parts(molded) anyone have a few helpful hints? I have been 3 days trying to get the carpet to lay right. It bunches up at the rear of the back footwells does sit just right around the trans tunnel. It is really just driving me crazy!
Should've got ACC brand. Kirban,Gbody sell it. I made the same mistake. It fits ok. Isn't it nice how they fold it up in that small a$$ box:D .
Yeah how the H@## do they get it in the box to begin with. I only bought from them because they are seriously like 5 minutes from my house, convenience I guess. I have tried a heat gun to the point the backing is actually bubbled up a bit. Maybe if I didnt want perfection it would be ok. I am seriously considering taking the old carlet to work were we have a big commercial washing machine running the old stuff through the washer and just dying it to make it look a bit better.
Let it sit in the sun and use the old one as a template. Gotta remember this stuff has been sitting in the car for 20 years... I don't know if perfection is completely possible but it should come out pretty good.
Ooops. I didn't realize that you were in OH. I'm in KY and I'm waiting to the carpet on mine till I have good weather. I can't handle this cold...:mad: