Cars & Coffee Charlotte

I won't be available June or July. It may be Aug or Sept before I can make the 1st Sat again.
Is it still off of Billy Graham Pkwy beside the Farmer's Market or did it move? The Auto Fair is tomorrow also. I need to be in 2 places at the same time.
Yes, same place. 134 Hive drive. The parking lot of the original Hornets Collesium.

Cars and Coffee Charlotte is a casual monthly gathering of auto enthusiasts that get together on the 1st Saturday of every month at the old Charlotte Coliseum off of Yorkmount Rd to share a common enthusiasm for all things that spit, sputter, and roar! There is something for everyone of all ages to enjoy; classics, exotics, hot rods, muscle cars, and motorcycles are all welcome! It is a family friendly event that can be enjoyed by all. Started: December 6, 2008
I stand corrected. The cars and coffee website or Charlotte has not been updated. The new location is 3545 Whitehall Park Drive, Charlotte, NC 28273. Be location yet in my opinion. Easily over 1,000 cars there today. I didn't know there were that many McLarens in all of Charlotte. Not to mention the Lambo's and Ferraris. But only one Grand National, one Typhoon and one Syclone. The rarest of the rare and very well appreciated today.
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I have went there at 7 o'clock and there were cars there already. Many cars are trickling out around noon but there are still cars coming in. At the old spot off of Billy Graham many people were parking off the side to get the "perfect" picture back ground.