CAS V4 Alky Control Kit Walbro 340 pump and Hanger


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Jun 18, 2001
I will be in Bowling Green this year and can bring these or ship them if you like.

CAS V4 has some damage from loading on a trailer which caused the IC to hit the fan. All cosmetic and it happened years ago and the IC was on the car up till last week. I have all the mounting hardware needed to install it. $400




Razors Twin Nozzle Alky kit. It has been on the car for awhile but has had very little use. Kit is complete and in good shape. The one short hose on the inlet pipe will need to be replaced I inadvertanly shorted it out on the battery which melted a hole in the side of it. Also one of the coolant tank brackets snapped when I was removing the system. I am however going to include the Aluminum inlet pipe with the nozzels mounted along with an IAT sensor. The kit is complete.

This is a practically new Walbro 340 fuel pump and factory hanger for a standard dash. $150


I also have a Reds Double pumper in the car now that has two new Walbro 340's I put in back in May. I am replacing the entire fuel system with a Racetronix setup. That one definitely works and is complete with a caspers hot wire kit. $450, LMK I dont have it out yet to list take pics etc.
I will pass... really needing a good sending unit. Thx

There is nothing wrong with this one it worked when it was removed and came out of a low mileage car. The pump can't have 100 miles on it.

I believe they sell the sending units new?
I just checked the sending unit with an ohm meter and it works fine. I have another send unit that is not as nice and has no pump but the sending unit also works. lmk
Chris, thanks for checking the sending unit. I will take it (pump and sending unit). Shoot me your paypal and I will send payment this AM before I leave town for a few days.

thanks again.