Casper knock gauge prob

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Aug 3, 2007
Ok, Dealing with install here I hope others had same issue.

As follows:

18G wire going to correct yellow/b stripe ( small plug B7) on ECM

Got power, Got ground

Now when I hit key I get the green light but also I get middle yellow light (engine not on) Start motor, yellow stays on more then 5 sec's and never goes off.

Shut off, hit key again and next light from middle lights up
turn key off and back to ign and next one lights up
so forth and so on all the way to red without motor running.

So then one more time and I get green ok light, start motor
and middle yellow lights up.

Please anyone... I beg of ye
Give John a call (847-247-0484) at Caspers and I'm sure he can answer your questions. He's a good guy.

Please post your results, as mine does the same from time to time. same middle light and 1 other one as well. The majority of the time, the green light comes on as normal
connect the power wire to the radio power wire. that wire is not powered during cranking.
The positive wire(B) needs to be connected to a pink wire with a black stripe. This circuit is off during cranking. Good luck. Brad
Put a momentary N/C switch in line with the ground wire like the instructions used to say to do.

After the car starts push the switch once, (breaks the ground circuit) and the Caspers will reset the lights and only the green center one should be on after you release the switch.

Switching the power feed may also provide the same results. :)
Thanks all, got it fixed, switching the power feed didnt do it but interupting the ground once car was running reset the gauge.

But installing the gauge in the add on twin pillar holder, I could not see the lights due to angle unless I leaned up and tilted my head, so now IM looking for another placment:mad: