CD is stuck in head unit



I have a Sony mid-level CD player and inserted a CD in the unit, and pushed it in when it wasn't really willing to accept it (yes, it was dumb, and no, there wasn't a CD already in it).

Any ideas how I can trick it out of there? Or is it time to break it open and do some minor surgery? :(


PS: radio and everything else works fine. Haven't tried using the reset button yet--didn't think that would help.
Might as well go ahead and try the reset button, if it works you'll only be out the time to re-enter the presets! If it doesn't work, I'll trade you my alpine that won't keep the CD at all!:D
I had to get a disc unstuck from a Kenwood for one of my wife's employees and to get it unstuck, I had to pull the fuse on it to re-set it a few times before it finally spit it out. If it does not have a re-set button, then you can pull the fuse to do the same thing.