Cent FL Track Night Results


May 26, 2001
A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Orlando Speedworld last night for Track Night. We had at least 20 members in attendance. Here's the results I could track down, if I missed a better pass for you, let me know...

Louie Lopez 9.98 @ 134
Rob Lamb 10.99 @ 125
Eddie Merced 11.77 @ 118
Alan Gregory 11.96 @ 122
Mike Savino 12.40 @ 109
Bill Savino 12.62 @ 111
Jeff Tornicelli 12.69 @ 120
Ray Kammer 12.70 @ 112
Steve Connell 12.70 @ 112
Angelica Tornicelli 13.10 @ 116
Troy Johnson 13.20 @ 106
George Macedo 13.85 @ 103

Yeah, okay I'm last, but I brought it down from an opening 14.04 so I'm getting used to launching. Big thanks also to those who came out for support: Cal Hartline, Bill Barclay, Ed Hill, Mike Phillips, Mel Phillips, Dave Wicks, Dave Seidel, Kevin King, John Pfleger, Terry Waldrop and more I probably missed. We'll plan another Track Night before the Bradenton Buick event in Feb., so keep tuning.
Hey George,its Alan . Hey my final run put me at 11.96 at 122 with a 2.0 60 foot so if you can make an adjustment to my time, thanks Alan
Were any of you guys going through Deltona about 11:50? I saw 3 GN's on Doyle Road between Courtland and Saxon, you were spaced about a 1/4 mile apart. I thought it was strange to see 3 cars not following each other on the same road at the same time.

Eric Fisher