center console and shifter handle removal


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Sep 21, 2003
Hi: I own a 1984 T-Type . I am replacing the carpeting and need to know how to remove the T handle on the shifter so I can then remove the center console. Thanks for the help Mike
The T-handle should come off by simply removing the retaining ring. Look at the base of your handle and there should be a slot and a ring that can be removed.
Is the 84 diff from the 86-87? On these later Regals, the shifter handle is removed by prying out a retaining clip right under the right hand top piece. Use a little screwdriver to pry out what looks like a staple. Then the handle pulls straight up and off.
Thanks for the info. Now how about the console ? I see two mounting screws when i take the shifter plate off but i do not see any more. Where are the are screws located? Mike
Thanks Brian, I thought so but what threw me off was the neat carpet padding the was secured to the inside floor of the box. Mike