central ac?

How ironic. Mine slowly leaked out over the past few months. It is on a recharge since Tuesday and is cooling well but I am shopping. The first company tried to break a system off in me ($3300 quote when I found the system uninstalled on the 'net for $1,100 retail!) . Sears is coming out in the morning and I am going to have a heart-to-heart with the rep before we get started. Hopefully he won't hate me too bad, lol.

This is an interesting video below, makes me laugh. I will go with an aluminum evaporator for sure.

Same issues. There is a warehouse that sells on ebay an hour from me. Goodman unit new in 01, never worked like the Carrier it replaced. So I am shopping!
Well Sears was worse than the first. Thank goodness I don't need this immediately. The sharks are circling.....
Check out the one piece "Spine Fin Coil" technology offered by Trane & American Standard.

My house did not have A/C when I bought it. The fire box on the original furnace was severely corroded from having no cap on the exhaust vent pipe. Rain came down the pipe into the unit.

Replaced the furnace with an American Standard 80% efficient 2-stage unit, a 4" thick HEPA filter, programable thermostat & added the American Standard A/C. At the time ( about 6-7 years ago) the 80% furnaces were more reliable & longer lasting than the 90+% units. Don't know how well they fare these days.

My heating bill dropped substantially & the house is more comfortable. The A/C rocks & will often be a bit too chilly.
I had a Lennox installed last Fall. AC is rated at over 19 SEER with variable speed blower. Very energy efficient and received $400 rebate from utility company. Also purchased 98% efficient furnace. Lennox is one of the best.