john saleeby

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Aug 5, 2006
How long should I wait before coating the new paint.
Lastly, are folks using LOJACK or those Apple ID chips placed on the car to help find the car if stolen?

John i've read somewhere you should wait 1-3 months before applying. Is this a driver or show car? If it is a driver you may really want to consider 3m protective wrap.
Be sure to ask whomever is going to do the Ceramic if they plan on doing paint correction to get any little flaws taken care of before application.

If they say no, go somewhere else.
They will do paint correction. The ceramic shop said to wait about a month. I drive the car about 4 times a month.
I have an Apple AirTag on My TR. I really like it.
as long as its NOT NEEDED , its all good!
I have used a "burner" cell ph for yrs, stashed away in the car, you can always trace its location,
take it from car to car, as needed,