Champion CNC Intake, Upgraded GN1 Heads, Champion Racing Intake Assembly & Custom Dash


Aug 26, 2011
Champion GN1 CNC Series Ported Intake
For sale brand new never installed Champion Racing Heads GN1 CNC Series Ported Intake.
This intake was purchased to build an engine but ended up buying a complete 109 bored stroked girdled engi
Outright retail price is $550. Asking $400.



Upgraded Champion 14 bolt GN1 Aluminium Heads
These heads were purchased from Nick Micale of Arizona GN back in 2011. They have only been taken out of the plastic recently to take pictures for the ad. These heads were purchased to build an engine but ended up buying a complete 109 bored stroked girdled engine with M&A stage III heads.

From the original ad....
"This set of GN-1 heads have been completely redone with new valves and guides. The valves are (upgraded) 2" on the intake (1.90 is stock), and 1.60" exhaust and have been mocked up on a 109 block to confirm proper fit. The port work that was previously done went into the low 9's in a Grand National with a 109 block. The owner no longer is racing, and is selling these heads for a fraction of what it would cost to duplicate. Yes, I have a very recent flow sheet from TA Performance who just went through these heads to completely redo them to better than new specs and a performance valve job. I will not sell junk, or any parts that I would not use on my own car. With parts and labor the cost was ~$1000 to get them ready for sale, one-half the price of comparable new heads with this level of porting. The valve springs (Crower 87048D) are basic for a flat tappet cam."

Rocker setup for these heads, Scorpions or paired Jessel type shaft rockers, can be purchased from Champion or another retailer. The TA Performance rockers will work, but you must have the steel stands that bolt on.

These are the 14 bolt capable version of the GN1's and can be used on an 8 bolt 109 block or a Stage I, Stage II, or TA block.

Retail price is $1650 for the stock GN1 heads. The price is $1650 firm.



Champion Hi Rise Race Intake Assembly
includes the following:
- Champion Racing Intake Manifold Its a high rise manifold with long runners, complete with billet high flow fuel rails for a 1986 or 1987 Buick Grand National, T Type, Turbo T, or GNX 3.8 liter turbo V6. Complete intake assembly for the Buick Off-Center V6 block. Comes with billet aluminum fuel rails, cast 70mm upper plenum and mounting hardware and bolts. The EGR tower is machined out and welded closed before the final polishing stage. Requires an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. Retail $899.00
- Billet plenum spacer plumbed for manifold vacuum Retail $140.00
- Billet polished 70mm throttle body Retail $299.00
-Billet polished vacuum block off plate Retail $24.00

This assembly was purchased to build an engine but ended up buying a complete 109 bored stroked girdled engine c/w Champion Race intake and 90mm throttle body.

Retail price for this package is $1362. Asking 850.


Custom Autometer Sport Comp Dash
Brand new never installed custom Autometer Sport Comp Dash

Manufactured by Performance Instruments in Texas. Racer Xtreme 9 gauge instrument panel custom build with Autometer Sport Comp Gauges

- Speedometer 0-160 mph, 3 3/8 in., Analog, Electrical, $225.86
- Fuel Level, Empty/Full, 0 Ohms/90 Ohms, 2 5/8 in., Analog, Electrical $58.46
- Oil Pressure 0-150 psi, 2 1/16 in., Analog, Mechanical, $62.96
- Voltmeter, 8-18 V, 2 1/16 in., Analog, Electrical, $52.16
- Vacuum 0-30 in. Hg, 2 1/16 in., Analog, Mechanical, $62.96
- Water Temperature, 120-240 Degrees F, 2 1/16 in., Analog, Mechanical, $88.16
- Transmission Temperature, 140-280 Degrees, 2 1/16 in., Analog, Mechanical, $91.76
- Oil Temperature, 140-280 Degrees F, 2 1/16 in., Analog, Mechanical, $88.16
- Differential Temperature, 100-250 Degrees, 2 1/16 in., Analog, Electrical, $58.46
- High Beam LED
- Turn signal LED's
- Check Engine Light
- Intercooler light (water to air intercooler on indicator)
- Fuel pump low and high lights (was running Weldon Racing Dial-A-Flow fuel pump controller)
- Line lock light
- Trans Brake light

Step by step instructions included.

Retail price was over $1500. The price is 1100 firm.

In line for intake if it gets this far lol

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Champion Hi Rise Race Intake Assembly is still available.

Price is $850 obo. Willing to work with you on shipping and Paypal fees.