champion intake billet rail fuel line question


Feb 14, 2010
I have a sumped tank and engine is not at my house but I want to start gathering what's needed for new fuel line from b ack to front of car

Wanted to run external pump under car mounted by tank and run line to billet champion rails
Is 8 single to the railsand 6 return good for 9 second et at 3600lbs?
I hear some run 10an to and branch to two 8 and have two feeds to the Champion intake and then single 8an return with fuel pressure regulator mounted to drivers fender??
I don't wanna go crazy with this but I also don't want to upgrade the fuel system agin in a year either.
Ayone know rough feet of ss braided line needed and what fittings are needed to connct to the champion with 2 in ports and one exit to a FP regulator mounted 2 to 3 feet off the rail?
Also, does it matter what type of FP regulator I use that will accommodate a range of boost pressures? I see aeromotive has a lot of regulators is that what most use?

Other than having stock fuel rail and intake I'm running exactly what you're proposing. 8 feed from the tank (double pumper running full time) and 6 return. I would only consider the 10 feed if you're considering running E85.

p.s. I've posted pics in the past of my entire setup. If you search under my screen name you should be able to pull them up. Good Luck. scott