Champion R cylinder heads


i just won these heads. can you guys please tell me if this head will bolt up to the stock 3.8 1987 turbo regal block?

do i have to make any modification to make the heads work. i was infor by a member that these heads will never seal up, and the heads was repair (i am think it had a crack and was welded)

if these heads are defected or was repair in any way. i will have no opition but to buy the heads and leave the sell a BAD REPLY.

any info concerning these head will be a great help.

thank you
steve naidu
They look just like mine. The 'R' I think is just for the port and polish by Champion. I've never had ANY problem getting mine to seal. Just because they have the extra bolt holes for the stage 2 blocks, they seal and stay sealed quite well with the stock block. $1925 isn't bad, assuming they haven't been trashed. I paid around $2500 for mine with the "R" treatment and without the rockers. Yours do have the pedestal mounted rockers. I stayed with the shaft mounted just because I already had shaft mounted roller rockers...

derrick do you have close up pic of these head?

my e-mail adress is

thank you for the reply

i figure if the heads have any damage we have the equipment to repair aluninum head in the speed shop. i just want to make sure i am not buy something that i can`t use.

you know how people are, they will say anything to see a product.

thank you
they will bolt up and seal fine, Just make sure to use a 3.8 bore headgasket, It will give a little more gasket betwwen the extra bolt holes you do not use. as far as they have been repaired,As long as they have been repaired correctlly you shouild be fine.
The R heads have bigger valves that don't clear the bore on a 3.8 but fit on a 4.1. I think the R was for race, for they guys using these on 4.1 based stage II blocks. The R is not for repaired. Call Champion directly or your favorite vendor like Cotton or Cal Hartline to be sure (his ad says he bought them from Jack so I'd call him). Also, all GN1 heads have the extra head bolt holes along the outside (exhaust flange side) but only have the inside holes if they have been machined as 14 bolt heads. On a stock block the outside holes are just not used. I couldn't tell from the picture if these are 8 bolt or 14 bolt heads but since they come with rockers it doesn't matter (the ad says they went 8.60 so they are probably 14 bolt, and I have a vague recollection that the Scorpion rockers are the ones that fit the 14 bolt style pedestals).
I just got off the phone with the seller of these cylinder heads. he told me the head are not crack and was never crack. these heads are the 14 bolt heads. he said the heads will bolt up perfect to the 3.8 bore motor. he also said ,he had these head bolted to his 3.8 block and had no problem with valve to cylinder wall clearance.

he did tell me ,i Must O-ring the block so the heads will seal , which is not a big deal.

anyway when i get the head i will post some picture.

thank you guy, but i can`t back out of this deal.

steve naidu
He told me one thing and you another. He did say on the phone that they were cracked at the bolt holes but repaired. Everything else was in-line with what he told me.

All the 109 blocks have a notch at the valve area in the tops of the cylinders. It should be fine but check it before you put it all together to save you hassle in the long run.
Carl pretty much hit the nail on the head. The "R" is for Race and was designed for big bore motors since the valves are spaced farther apart to accomidate a 2.00(or 2.02) intake valve. I have never installed an "R" head on a stock bore. It may fit, but it probably wouldn't flow all that well since the bore will shroud some of the valve opening. T&D usually makes the rockers for pedestal mount rockers on GN-1's. The Scorpions use a stud mounted rocker (aka sb chevy)

I am curious who they belonged to that went an 8.60 with them. I thought I knew everyone (5 total) who had run an 8 anything with GN-1's
I was wondering the came thing Cal. THere are not many (5) that have. WHo took there car apart? Or is this guy full of crap. HAs anyone actually gone 8.60 with GN1s?
Well when I spoke with "Rudy" on the phone he mentioned Cal as the guy doing the 8.60. I didn't pay much attention to it. Just wanted to see the history and what they needed to be ready to bolt on.
guys, i don`t think i will be bolting this block to my stock 3.8 block. i am looking for the correct block to bolt this head too, so i can get the BEST performance. so i am looking around and asking around for a better setup for this head. i already have a T70 turbo and FMC.

i am try to educate my self on all these different block ,crank and rods. keep the infor comming.

yea, i think i am going to go all out $$$
i am not selling my champion R heads, but i am looking to put together a combo to make this head work right. i am shooting for 700HP range.

yea, i am going to spend all my christmas money
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Do you have a car other than the 89? Maybe an 84-87 model?

what are you talking about?

84-87 regal or BLT the first yr for the BLT is 86

i have a one 87 regal ,one 89 BLT,