Changed fluid and filter - MAJOR Problem


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Jul 22, 2001
I changed fluid and filter today in my Art Carr 200 4r and now it has no, very little to no roll in, reverse, has first and second and third but will not go into overdrive (no lock up installed). Under manual shifting has first will manually shift to second when you move the shifter to third stays in second until you put it in overdrive, then it shifts to third but no overdrive. WTF?????
One caveat (here it comes) I refilled with Amsoil (dextron III compatable).

I put car back on lift, removed pan again, verified filter was exact match and no extra seal in tube where filter goes and that filter fit snug and bottomed as the old one did. Fluid was filled properly and even with an extra quart still did same thing. Worked perfect before the fluid change with standard Dextron and a bottle of Lubeguard.

Any help or thoughts would be MOST appreciated.
Update - flushed out Amsoil with 10 quarts of Dex III. Filled and same results!!!!! Help, Help, Help
I don't know a lot about trannys but Id say that the problem is with the filter.. Did the old o ring come out with the filter ya took out? If not that couls be the problem // The filter may not be sealed and your suckin air. If not Id try another filter. Id doubt it was the Amsoil fluid. That stuff works well as I have seen
I have checked the filter and it is installed correctly with no extra o-rings. I flushed the system and have good pressure. The filter seems to be sealing well.
did ya knock off any of the electrical connectors on the valve body?? It HAS to be something ya touched..
There are no electrical connections as it is set up as a non lock up. I looked at the valve body the second time I dropped the pan and it appeared all normal. I did talk with Art Carr and they had no idea what happened either except they said something broke. They said they would warrenty it and to send it back. I think something went out prior to changing the fluid and it just was coincidence. I just don't think this tranny can hold the power I put through it. I am putting over 670 lbft of torque through the tranny and it did feel a bit soft at the strip a couple of weeks ago. Did not flair just soft if you know what I mean. Ran fine on the way home though. I ordered a new Yank 4L60 (their 200 4r)today with all the extra heavy duty internals and a billet 3600 stall kelvar clutch converter. I am sick of tranny problems and decided to bite the bullet. When I get the Art Carr back I will just sell it to someone with a motor a bit less radical.

Thanks for the help. When Art Carr gives me the diagnosis I will post. One thing Yank did mention that was worth noting is for high HP applications getting on and off at full throttle is very hard on clutches. So if you are leaving the line at the strip WFO and begin to spin, get out of it and back in, the clutches will take a beating and eventually fail under these conditions. I guess it has to do with the response time or something with the TV.
Bruce - When I threw this out there I thought you would bite on it a bit. Was surprised you didn't. I have gone through your web site and looked at what you do. I am all ears. I can cancel the order with Yank as they have a week and a half delay on the gear sets so no money has changed hands. I really like the lock up converter they have and, to me, it seemed as if they built a bullet proof tranny. I need a tranny that is going to hold 686 lbft of torque and 712 HP. Torque peak is at 5000RPM and HP peak is at 6500. I shift at 6800. Torque at 3000 is 518lbft. I will also be installing a 100 -150 shot on this in the winter. I want no tranny problems after this purchase that are not my fault. What makes me mad about this deal is I was very specific with not only Art Carr at PRI (Performance Racing International) a couple of years ago but with the tech rep when I bought the tranny as to exactly what the dyno HP was and what it was being used for. It has lasted less than 8 months.
If you can help me on a new one I would cancel and order from you. Please Email me with whatever additional info you need.
RickWI wrote
"One thing Yank did mention that was worth noting is for high HP applications getting on and off at full throttle is very hard on clutches. So if you are leaving the line at the strip WFO and begin to spin, get out of it and back in, the clutches will take a beating and eventually fail under these conditions. "

These statements are not true. Clutches don't know any different. It is not good but NOT for the reasons you mentioned.

And gear sets HUH? That is odd....unless it is going to a 2.45 low which is useless.......

Hi Bruce - I will give you the exact conversation over the phone tommorow but the highlights of the conversation concerning the clutch issue was centered around Yank wanting me to buy a manual valve body. He said that full on full off throttle, for my application would be too hard on a standard valve body. The example would be leaving off the line at the strip and lighting off the tires, backing off and getting back into it. He said that the TV can not "respond" (I think that was his word) that fast and with the power I put thorugh it I would kill the clutchs. I did not want the manual valve body and said I shift manual on the strip anyway. He also said I needed the 2.45 gear set as that is the only way the tranny will live. It won't live with the standard 2.75. What do you say back???? Sometimes we gearheads have to believe what the "experts" say so ya get out your wallet. I had nothing to base any argument on this area so I said OK. Am interested as to why it is useless and will explore over the phone with you tomorrow. That is good as now I don't have to worry about potentially changing rear gears since it is useless and I ain't gonna get it.

Talk to you at 8:30 tomorrow
Rick? Did I miss you or something? Never heard from you. Well let me know when you can. You know how to find me...

Heyyyyy Bruce - That was me you were talking to Wednesday morning about 9:10 your time. You told me to send in that form for the converter and I did that yesterday. Did ya get it? You also quoted me a price on the tranny Ahhhhhh $1200 I think it was for all the good stuff Bahahahahahah. OK it was a bit more than that. Anyway I have been waiting for the response back from the converter sheet. You said you would call after that 608-837-5726.