TH2004R kind skips through second when shifting manually


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Aug 6, 2002
Hi, Thought I'd see if anyone has had this unusual issue before.
Few notes about the transmission: less than 2,000 miles but probably 8-10 years old. Rarely driven. 3,000 stall NLU converter, Billet servo, TV booster valve, Valve body kit. TV cable adjustment checked and is good. Fluid level good and clean. No slipping noticed.

When manually shifting: first gear is fine (holds and no slipping), then when I shift to second (light throttle) it quickly skips through second into third (or fourth it's hard to tell). But WOT is fine.
Set in D: Upshifting works normally - light throttle and WOT throttle (shift points and firmness good). However, kickdown (low speeds only doesn't happen)
Set in OD: Light throttle skips through second like the manual shifting issue noted above.

I though stuck throttle valve? but it works fine in drive so... or maybe governor issue?

Any thoughts?
If you use a lever of some kind and pry the servo on the pass side of trans in, how much does it move? A few thousandths, quarter inch, more?