Changing injection flow rate?



I have a chip that runs great with stock injectors. If i purchase the 42.5# injectors, can I use my Tuner Cat software to simply change the value in the field "injector flow rate" under the ECM Constant Table?
You will need to change the flow rate and adjust the "Pe vs Rpm" also. The flow rates are different the stock injectors. If you have had the injectors flowed start with that rate marked. If not I would start with 41.8 then check your blms in the first 4 blocks. If they are 128 or +,- 5 after driving for an hour or so. Then start to adjust your Pe vs Rpm setting up or down from your O2 readings and from the last blm if you do not have the blm lock patch.

If your first 4 blms where more or less then 5, adjust the constant up for lower numbers and adjust the constant down for higher numbers. ie blm 135, adjust from 41.8 to 41.0 and check again.

maf #`s under control

Hey Chuck,
good to see you chime in.I finally got the BLM # on freeway criuse and light load from 149-155 to now 122-124 by adding numbers about 5% to 7% to maf count 1 to 4.Making the graph smooth also.:)

Glad you got tuned in, couldn't figure why those guys kept saying the Pe vs Rpm wouldn't make a difference. Oh well, different strokes for different folks. 122-124 is pretty good as long as I'm with in 10 (preferable on the fat side) it runs great, when I have extra time I shoot for within 5. I ask Bob to see if we can get a couple of tables to adjust the AE which would help response also. We'll see if he can do it.

AE Tables

Hi Chuck
Ae tables-sounds good.Keep me informed.I`m very interested in
having it also.Thanks