Charger Taillights


Cat&wife post starter
May 26, 2001
I have to say I don't think ANY car has or ever had nicer taillights. They look so bada$$ yet cool at the same time. 164 LED's. I have seen dozens and everytime I look at them I love them. I woud drive around even during the day with them on. Dodge hit a grand slam with them.
I have never seen them, but they certainly know what an 86 Regal's lights look like. =)
Just kidding, we have a Charger as a rental car right now.
The car is nice looking and gets around 19MPG around town.
The 292HP 6 is just fine for a cruiser, you are not going to win many races though.
i find LED tail lights to be annoying, and the newer Chargers and Challengers to be the most annoying.
I like the light panel as well, but the rest of the car does nothing for me. Now the Challenger is a whole different story, GREAT looking car!