Cheap AA batteries

Holy crap! I didn't know that. I have one collecting dust in the garage right now. I'm going to give it a whirl.


I hacked open a Radio Shack brand 6V. Here's what I got:


The worst part is that even though they are "D" sized, they're useless (other than to put them in a sock and beat the person that posted the YouTube video) because they don't have the 'nipples' on top. I tried them in a flashlight. No dice.


The most interesting part of the exercise was that Radio Shack jams Rayovac batteries in "Radio Shack" branded batteries.

Was yours a heavy duty powercell lantern battery made by the same brand that was in the video:biggrin:


Alas, no. It was not the Heavy Duty Powercell lantern battery. And it cost a lot more than the $5-$6 claimed in the vid. It's trash now, but at least it's not in my way anymore. I had it on the top of my tool chest for lack of a better use for it.

Those AA's appear to be "Heavy Duty" batteries so they would have 1/2 the AH of an Alkaline AA.

You can buy Alkaline AA batteries at Fry's for 40/$10 or 20 NiMH for $20, both would provide more run time/money vs. a $6 lantern battery and the NIMH batteries will last for years.
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