cheapest positive battery cable replacement?


cookin with propane
my positive batt cable had an incident with my downpipe tonight I believe... VERY loud backfires.. funny readings on t-link... the car dying, yea.. it was great.

anyway.. seeing as i should probably replace it now.. wheres a good place to get one locally? GM? autozone? any ideas or price quotes.. ? thanks guys..
Cheapest? Junkyard. $1.00 maybe? Take an ohm meter with you. If no resistance, what the heck. A little GoJo, clean it up and install. You probably also need some $5.00 front frame braces anyhow. :)
i was lookin for brand new.... called autozone (24hr one) last night about 3am and they quoted me EIGHT dollars.. so i figure they dont have the correct one.. GM says $52.00 and caspers says $80.. hum.. maybe another parts store around here might have the right one...

oh yea i got my eight dollar front frame braces last week
Did you ever get the right cable, i burnt mine up and put a auto zone one on and it still has a bad mis. Did it fix the problem
Here we have "electric" cars and looking to get the cheapest cable to power it? Sounds like you are asking for trouble because if your power source is not proper, nothing else will be.

After 15 years we are finding LOTS of electrical gremlins in the witing and connectors connectors throughout these cars.